About Me


Holly Smevog


A certified career counselor and seasoned business professional, I bring a broad base of experience to my work helping clients develop their best career. My background spans many fields, including marketing research and product development in Silicon Valley, technology and consumer products, educational technology and instruction, and college counseling. I have worked in the public sector and the private sector, in large and small organizations. I understand the dynamics in different work environments and the priorities held by diverse employers.  With this knowledge, I can help clients make the most informed decisions and prepare best for the job search.

I specialize in three primary areas:

1) Helping clients navigate workplace environments by combining my familiarity with functional roles in business and education with a keen understanding of organizational dynamics

2) Delivering and interpreting professional assessments to guide career advancement. I administer many assessments including the LPI 360, the MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, SkillScan, Motivated Skills, MSCEIT (emotional intelligence), TalentSmart, 16PF, Edwards Preference Index and the Strengths Finder assessments and more, and…
3) Blending “data backed” decision making with the expressed interests of the client to map out ideal career progression.


In addition to professional development and assessments, I offer contract outplacement services, including resume & LinkedIn writing, and have helped dozens of professional land new jobs over the past year.

I graduated from the University of Vermont with a BA in Psychology/Consumer Studies. I completed a MA in Instructional Technology at San Francisco State University. I refined my unique ability to leverage data when guiding the decision making processes while pursuing an MS in Counseling and a global Certificate in Career Counseling. I am passionate about helping others build communication and collaboration skills as they navigate the world of work.

I serve as President of the Maine Career Development Association and I am committed to serving the community by helping those who provide career development guidance.

When not at work, I enjoy parenting her three daughters and looking for new windsurfing destinations with her husband. A notable feat is her summit of Denali in 1998.