Professional Assessment

Professional assessments add quantitative and qualitative data to career coaching, professional development, conflict resolution and executive coaching. HMS Consulting partners use assessments to direct and guide personal growth, identification of career options and hiring and training. Sometimes it’s just good to have a non-biased instrument to help clients understand themselves, their work style, their skills, their potential and possible pitfalls. Other times, assessments add value to complement or confirm questions one has about oneself or feedback from others.

Assessments offered include: Myers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory, Knowdell Motivated Skills, SkillScan, MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence, Talent Smart, Harrison Professional Assessments, 16PF, Edwards Preferences Inventory and more.

Level 1: Applicant Screening

Use: A simple and proven method to compare final candidates and get a sense of ‘fit’.  Also, a great way to screen and weed out larger numbers of applicants.  Giving feedback to the applicants builds brand appeal for the employer.

Level 2: Field Screening

Use: A robust assessment to closely look at a large number of individual factors that predict job success. Results clearly show how likely a candidate is to fit the role and why.  Taps into continually updating data on job characteristics and requirements.  For those who also want to be able to take advantage of the data after the employee is hired.  Customizable reporting.

Level 3: Custom Assessment

Use: High potential employees, c-suite, mid and upper level management.