Testimonials & Recommendations

Testimonial & Recommendations

We very much appreciated Holly’s assistance throughout our daughter's entire job search process. Holly first helped her decide what type of position she was most interested in pursuing through assessing her interests and skill sets. Holly's knowledge in crafting and editing resumes and cover letters was especially helpful. She also had many valuable insights regarding types of companies to pursue and how to best position her applications. She consistently initiated regular check-ins and provided a spreadsheet for our daughter to share her progress and updates. The process resulted in a couple of exciting job offers that our daughter was very happy about. Additionally, as parents, having our daughter be accountable to someone other than us was invaluable! We would highly recommend using Holly!
Anonymous from Parent
I found Holly when I hit a triple-whammy of challenges in my job search. I had just moved to a new city, everyone was in Covid lockdown, and I was transitioning from freelancing to full time work. Holly started by sitting down with me for an incisive analysis of my skills, background experiences, and envisionings (my word) of goals to pursue. She then generously shared her Rolodex, lit a fire under my networking burner, and coached me to keep at it through months of applying to jobs, getting a few rejections, and continually sharing new ideas. All the steps of the process were easier -- nay, doable -- because Holly was in my corner. When I sank or grew discouraged, she commiserated, offered insights, helped me laugh, and encouraged me to soldier on. When I got an offer for a role that excited me, she cheered and assisted me through the negotiation process. She has a wealth of knowledge, a real can do, fluffless attitude, stamina, humor, and sanity. Her tips for interviews, especially positioning myself and my skills in relation to a prospective role, made an important difference.
Martha Sutro, Instructional Designer
I can’t say enough about Holly’s services. She helped me articulate what I was looking for in my next career move and supported me through the entire job hunting process in the midst of a pandemic! For anyone who is spinning their wheels or in their head about what to do next, I would highly recommend reaching out to her.
Deborah Patry, Finance Manager
When faced with the reality that I was no longer satisfied with my job, I felt completely lost and overwhelmed. I didn't know which direction to take with my career that would bring my life joy, fulfillment, and financial security. With so many diverse options for career paths, colleges, certifications and interests I was paralyzed and couldn't take my first step. I reached out to Holly for her expertise in career counseling. Holly's data driven, practical, and methodical approach helped guide me in my decision making. After our sessions I feel confident that I will choose a career that I will love. I would absolutely recommend Holly's services, knowledge, and expertise to anyone who is looking to change their career path.
Emily MacDonald, Teacher, MBA Candidate, Musician